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Head office:
10/a Brace Pesel St.
52210 Rovinj/Rovigno

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7 Carducci St.
52210 Rovinj/Rovigno

Chief executive:
mr. Katerina Latinovic

mr. Katerina Latinovic

Production of strong drinks and liqueurs, agriculture, trade and services

Personal Identification Number: 61342567027



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Bitter Herbal Liquor

PelinkovacPelinkovacDarna Pelinkovac, also affectionately known as Rovinjski Pelinkovac, is a spirit produced from the essence of the Artemisia herb, commonly known as wormwood or pelin in Croatian.

Pelin is combined with numerous additional aromatic herbs, caramelized in special copper kettles and matured in oak barrels. Pelinkovac has 28% alcohol and is cherished by many for rumored medicinal qualities.

The thick amber liquor coats and warms your mouth and is said to remedy common colds and digestive ailments.

It can be consumed straight, chilled or mixed with tonic water.

Bottled in 1l, 0,7l, 0,1l bottles and in different gift packaging.


  • Gold Diploma for quality strong alcoholic drinks, SPLIT GAST FAIR 2000
  • Gold Diploma for quality herbal liqueur products, SPLIT GAST FAIR 2001
  • Gold Diploma for quality products, SPLIT GAST FAIR 2004
  • Gold Diploma for quality products, SPLIT GAST FAIR 2008
  • Gold Diploma for quality products, SPLIT GAST FAIR 2009
  • Gold Plaque, Ljubljana Wine, 46th International Viniculture and Wine Fair 2000
  • Gold Plaque, Ljubljana Wine, 47th International Viniculture and Wine Fair 2001
  • Golden Diploma for quality strong alcoholic drink Dionizijana - SPLIT 2011
  • "Panegyric" for the results and acheivements in the promotion of traditional Rovinj products with a sign of "Croatian Quality" 2007

HRVATSKA KVALITETA (Croatian quality)

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