The pearl of Rovinj on your table


Only the true values have no expiration date – it is proven by Rovinj’s one and only distillery, founded in 1925 – producing bitters, unique cream liqueurs, and other alcoholic beverages. Throughout our history, our liqueurs are based on original and authentic recipes, raw resources and natural preparations resulting in the finest final product. Adhering to these standards, we have been able to preserve the old technology while producing high quality natural spirits. We proudly talk about it, but jealously preserve and respect the originality of the recipes. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in their production. Bitter liqueurs contain macerates and natural colors that are obtained from caramelizing sugar in special copper kettles.


“My Rovinj, my family and Darna are the inspirations for my life’s creation. Thank you all and enjoy our products!”

Katerina Latinović


Darna – liquor factory of Rovinj, Croatia has a 95-year-long tradition in the production of liquors.

From the few distillers and liquor factories that existed during the time of Austro-Hungarian and Italian rule in Rovinj, only one is still active today.