Our Quality


We are aware that success of our business depends on the satisfaction of our customers and their confidence in our quality.  We will consistently do our best to completely understand the present and future needs of our consumers in order to meet and exceed their expectations.  We build confident and constructive relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees through mutual understanding.  We base our policies on traditional products, but solicit input from our consumers for the future growth.


In order to achieve high quality and safety standards for our products, we comply with the principles set forth by the HACCP standards, including safe and hygienic provisions and consumer health protection.  We endorse legal requirements in production and monitor these throughout all levels of manufacturing. 

By constantly improving and developing the quality of our products, the safety of our technological process, and the efficiency of our organizational structure, we hope to built a solid foundation of trust with our customers.  Our products proudly carry the symbol of “Hrvatska Kvaliteta” to assure our customers a world-class level of quality.