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Ovo liker

Advocaat – Egg Liqueur

Discover the delightful taste of Ovo Liker, an original and unique liqueur produced in Croatia for over 95 years. This custard-like liqueur has a smooth, creamy texture and opulent flavor. It is prepared from fresh milk, 100% egg yolks, and sugar.

Ovo Liker can be consumed chilled, over ice or mix in a variety of cocktails. For refreshing taste, Ovo Liker goes well with Fanta or any other orange soda. Also it is a great addition to black coffee. This liqueur may be used as a confectionery for toppings cakes, pastries, ice cream or other desserts.

Contains 18% alcohol.

Available in 1L, 0.75L and 0.7L bottles. Also available in the gift set packaging.



Shake well before each use and refrigerate after opening.


GOLDEN DIPLOMA for the quality of strong alcoholic drinks – SPLIT GAST FAIR 2000.


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